Does anyone know this song?

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2021.12.01 11:50 foreastbtch Does anyone know this song?

Hi guys, I m searching for a song, I guess it s an underrated one, where peep is talking to his gf, maybe on the phone or he is texting her, and where peep is in a tour or something, far away from her. Any guesses?:D
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2021.12.01 11:50 Rufus3721 Ray ban wayfarer rb2140 901/59 g15 Green polarized

It's my first polarized glasses, and im noticing a purple-ish effect while using them, even tho they are green lenses, is it normal? Is it due to them being polarized?
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2021.12.01 11:50 marizortoo 🇨🇦 FOR CANADIANS! Get an ABSOLUTELY FREE ChefsPlate BOX!! Just choose 2x2! 2nd and 3rd boxes are $20 off for a total of $80 off! 🇨🇦

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2021.12.01 11:50 ricardotarec Friends : 643045881953

Hello, look for friends, send/open presents every day. Objective: reach level 50 Codes: 643045881953
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2021.12.01 11:50 JustARandomGerman WW2 bomb blows up during construction work in Munich, injures 4, disrupts rail traffic

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2021.12.01 11:50 fuzywuzyboomboom ESPN has Dallas ranked 19th
What's a more impressive winning streak? 6 games versus: (Avs)2 wins vs Vancouver, Sens, Kraken, Duck, and Sharks. OR 5 win streak against Blues, Oilers, Avs, Yotes, and Canes? So sick of the Avs D riding.
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2021.12.01 11:50 tellurian_pluton Amazon must redo union election in Alabama, orders NLRB official

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2021.12.01 11:50 trx20200506 Would you taper off spiro if it hasnt help after 1,5 years?

It has helped maybe only my skin but never my hairloss. Since it is quite heavy medication I thinking about going off it slowly. Experiences?
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2021.12.01 11:50 EpicWinterWolf LPT if you struggle with sleeping, especially from overbearing thoughts, listen to some peaceful piano music or a sleep-meditation video from YouTube. It’ll drown out the rampant thoughts and let your mind shut down. Add melatonin for a solid sleep.

Trust me, it works. I used to suffer from severe sleep deficiency, but it wasn’t insomnia. I tried this on a whim and it worked better than melatonin (which I do recommend using with just to get a solid sleep). Lowers stress as well when you sort will.
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2021.12.01 11:50 CautiousManagement53 Stop expecting honesty from those who lie to themselves , and ..

Respect from those who disrespect themselves, and love from those who never loved themselves. More lessons I learned the hard way:
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2021.12.01 11:50 waseflol Step 3 UWorld, Step 2 Supplemental

HELLO PEOPLE, I haven't started solving questions from this section, what does it include, is it just step 2 UWorld questions, and how important is it that I finish them? THANK YOU, hope you all pass this dreaded exam.
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2021.12.01 11:50 samyidak ARDX, this is the way

to the Mandalorian Planet
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2021.12.01 11:50 UOSenki Do the anime different from the manga ?

espcally the harem thing. Always feel weird about the sudden harem rom-com part in season 2. There are some heavy, tregady moment, and we have a light heart harem romcom out of no where where girls fighting over our male lead. and it take a lot of screentime at that too. It could be in upper in my favorite list over lot of animes, even big as attack on titan. but shame i have to put it down. I swear Yuhata Midorikawa would be a much better character without her love for Nagate. The only time she doesn't someone who have 2 brain cell is when she is not intereact with Nagate and do her job in the command room
Wonder is it any different in the manga
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2021.12.01 11:50 Sweaty-Ad-7365 Resume Critique

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2021.12.01 11:50 timtraveler_n >:(

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2021.12.01 11:50 not-quite-diana egg😕irl

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2021.12.01 11:50 keeyabenay New adopter

Hi folk,
Long time dog fan, first time adopter here! I am in the process of adopting a sweet little angel from a local shelter as my first dog! I’m nervous and want to provide a good home, but I have that constant feeling of forgetting something.
Anybody have advice on preparing for your first dog? Any books or blogs on training? Tiktok accounts to follow? Any advice at all!
I meet the pup this weekend, but from what I’ve been told she is shy at first, but is super snuggly when she warms up to you. Any behavioral things I should look for?
Thank you!
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2021.12.01 11:50 Acceptable-Airline65 Zekrom 4925 2816 1905

Level 33+ please. Be online. Will start as soon as 5 added
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2021.12.01 11:50 manthatlore53 A shield for the Maestro

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2021.12.01 11:50 TabascoWolverine Prefers women, gee thanks boss. Way to unnecessarily offend

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2021.12.01 11:50 DewDoom Popcornista kehitettiin täydellinen korvaaja styroxille – ”Materiaali on niin ekologista, että sitä voi käyttää vaikka eläinten rehuna”

Popcornista kehitettiin täydellinen korvaaja styroxille – ”Materiaali on niin ekologista, että sitä voi käyttää vaikka eläinten rehuna” submitted by DewDoom to Suomi [link] [comments]

2021.12.01 11:50 Jesus__Skywalker Just cannot gain momentum.

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2021.12.01 11:50 PCFBC Minecraft 1.18 on Macbook Air M1 @ 192 fps native w/ Optifine - lwjgl-3.3.0 + Zulu JDK 17

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2021.12.01 11:50 K0blik0v I just want to unlock Defrel… been searching for an hour with no luck.

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