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2021.12.01 12:29 THEHUNTER_211 External/internal

can someone tell me good external//internal clients that are cheap because i wanna cheat on mmc and hypixel send links to them please and thanks
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2021.12.01 12:29 brainsick13 Mystery box question

Does anyone know if discmania will drop ship my mystery box directly to Huk Lab? Those maestros and magicians in the new Chinese blend plastic are going to look sweet with their stamp. Best Christmas ever!
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2021.12.01 12:29 kittencrusherr In defense of DoesRyanKavanaughLookLikeHarveyWeinstein.com

So as most of you know, Ryan has accused Ethan of paying thousands of dollars for fake visits to DoesRyanKavanaughLookLikeHarveyWeinstein.com. As someone who uses the website daily, it was infuriating for me to read. Ethan & Love went out of their way to provide free education for all of us, which is super rare nowadays. They worked incredibly hard and put their blood sweat and tears into this project that we can use FOR FREE. There are no secret charges, no premium memberships or paid levels, it’s completely free. I’m a broke college student and I could never afford signing up for a subscription based service to practice telling Ryan Kavanaugh & Harvey Weinstein apart. Some people use duolingo to learn languages for free, I use DoesRyanKavanaughLookLikeHarveyWeinstein.com to practice my skills of telling them apart. I visit the website daily and play with the game for 10-15 minutes depending on how much free time I have and it’s been a life changing experience. The concept is revolutionary. The website is fun, interactive, it’s aesthetically pleasing to the eye but it still puts your skills to the test. The game might seem like a joke at first, but it’s HARD and I still fail many many times, even after months of practice. And most importantly, it always runs smoothly. It’s never flipped and it has never crashed on me. Ryan is simply mad because Ethan is changing the game. He has a successful FREE website that people actually use and benefit from. Years from now he will be credited for his amazing work. I’ve seen a lot of reviews on here with a similarly positive experience and I am convinced he is trying to take Ethan down because he’s planning on stealing his idea. He was already testing the waters with that After Dark rip off logo. Lets not forget that this is the man who owns Triller, which is just a low quality flipped copy of TikTok he made because he was planning on capitalizing on the ban that didn’t end up happening. We cannot let him get away with this. If any of you use DoesRyanKavanaughLookLike HarveyWeinstein.com on a daily basis too, feel free to share your own experience with it.
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2021.12.01 12:29 AmbassadorWorf It's the Star Trek: Voyager Christmas Carol you didn't know you needed. Computer, initiate self-destruct, authorization Janeway Pi 110. Happy Holidays!

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2021.12.01 12:29 AdIndependent2321 Zekrom adding 15 appear online and only add one. 7858 7110 4353 or 9055 8465 7875

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2021.12.01 12:29 sandhulk145 Beneil Dariush on the 'drama show' of booking a lightweight top five fight | ESPN MMA

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2021.12.01 12:29 MALLARD1881 When you copy your friends work and they get told off for copying

When you copy your friends work and they get told off for copying submitted by MALLARD1881 to jacksepticeye [link] [comments]

2021.12.01 12:29 alexblmqvst What is currently best gp/h if you are maxed?

Is it still Vorkath? Or is it Revs after update?
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2021.12.01 12:29 cactuses_and_cats This is "Little Monster" (not her actual name): This morning she jumped onto my lap, reached out her paw onto my jammy-toast, and promptly got a jammy paw-print on my dress pants 🤦‍♀️

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2021.12.01 12:29 alcahuetasanon The Darkness that Dreams, il-Lashtavar

The Darkness that Dreams, il-Lashtavar "Our creator, Il-Lashtavar, has dreamt of you. He has dreamt of your minds, your flesh, and your souls. He is hungry to meet you, and he has sent us to bring you to Him. And here you are..."
I've been obsessed lately with the Wombo App (https://app.wombo.art) which has AI create images in different art styles, based on keywords you enter. It's fascinating and the results are sometimes mesmerizing and surreal. I made portraits of my Eberron characters, and think it could be interesting if the quori have visions of the characters as they are dreamt of in Dal Quor-- something vaguely resembling humanoids, but blended and shifted. Check it out!
Ase, male human fighter (samurai)
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2021.12.01 12:29 TRIBERJAY25 Likely Out - Iron Maiden

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2021.12.01 12:29 lurimendes Porque o verbo “falir” não tem maioria da conjugação no indicativo?

Eu sempre me confundo quando tento falar algo como: “desse jeito eu ‘falo’”, “ele ‘fale’ se tiver muito estoque”.
Eu acabo pensando um pouco e falando: “eu entro em falência desse jeito”, “ele entra em falência se tiver muito estoque”
Mas como vocês falariam isso? E pq esse verbo não tem essas conjugações?
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2021.12.01 12:29 Upstairs-Lie1124 2021 McLaren 720S: Review, Trims, Specs, Price, New Interior Features, Exterior Design, and Specifications

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2021.12.01 12:29 Three_Purple_Scarabs Some esoteric poetry of Stephen Crane

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2021.12.01 12:29 evanh33234 Game of the Month December 2021

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2021.12.01 12:29 WET_SHORTS Life’s struggle

Eww groosss! Why does my pee smell like cereal?! Ugh I got it on my leg now I have to wash again!!
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2021.12.01 12:29 crucifymeplzdaddy I’m going to fail one of my classes soon and it’s all my fault

I’m about to fail an Appalachian Studies course at my college, and it’s all my fault. I read the syllabus and knew how attendance would be counted, but I still missed a lot of the classes.
Now, the professor has created an assignment grade for lecture participation, and highlighted the fact that if we had more than three unexcused absences in the class then she would be taking an additional 50 points off of your final grade.
I fucked up. I’ve had so much crazy shit happen to me this semester concerning family drama and it’s driven me into a really dark place, a lot of times where I couldn’t get out of bed for days. I didn’t email the professor when I missed these days, so it’s my fault that they’re unexcused.
I have a 90% in the class based on assignment grades alone. The additional 50 point drop combined with a bad grade on lecture attendance will put my grade in hell. I have to keep up my grades to stay in my major classes and I’m really afraid of retaking this class (strict uni rules), but in the end I did this to myself.
As I reach the end of the semester, I can only do so much with the little assignments we receive now but I know in the end it won’t be enough. No matter what work I do now I will still end up with a terrible grade based on my decisions.
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2021.12.01 12:29 Amity_Affliction 25F/Scotland - long term friends

I always struggle making these sort of posts so i'll try keep it short and sweet. Like the title says, i'm looking for long term friends, ideally just day to day stuff, how our days are going, any topics that come up, memes, links to music or funny tik toks etc. I game on PC and ps4 but mainly pc these days, my main game I grind is rocket league, always looking for a duo partner for ranked because solo queuing is brutal, but I play other things too, like stardew, euro truck, fifa 22, football manager.. I could list a fair amount. Music taste is kinda all over the place, might be obvious but one of my favorite bands is the amity affliction and completely obsessed with lana del rey too.
some other info.. I'm bisexual (so lgbt friendly), have a fair collection of mental illnesses including borderline personality disorder, depression and anxiety. Though this doesn't really cause much issues with friendships, other than perhaps not always being cheery or able to conversate as.. great sometimes. But if you have any illnesses we can be there for each other to the best of our abilities if necessary
ehh.. I hate reddits chat system so ideally just pms and ideally also move to discord or something else.
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2021.12.01 12:29 ikeatelbeek What would be the mbti type of charlie puth

View Poll
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2021.12.01 12:29 forkittens 🍁CS account opened with Giveashare, now it's Questrades turn🍁

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2021.12.01 12:29 meatcomics A Chihuahua a Rabbit and a Rabbit uncover life's mysteries. Dr. Fanucci

A Chihuahua a Rabbit and a Rabbit uncover life's mysteries. Dr. Fanucci submitted by meatcomics to funny [link] [comments]

2021.12.01 12:29 Hydra_Mhmd Öğrencileri hapishane gibi yerlerde tutmak yerine en azından böyle birşey yapın lan

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2021.12.01 12:29 shawnreinjk HMU when u wanna talk about her

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2021.12.01 12:29 Ok_Produce252 O que fazer?

Olá. Bom o desabafo e sobre meu relacionamento. Em resumo estou namorando há 1 ano. Meu namorado tem uns amigos de infância e quando estávamos com cerca de 5 meses, achei uma conversa no WhatsApp onde ele e um desses amigos trocavam fotos de mulheres e mandavam também fotos que as meninas enviavam para eles e comentavam sobre isso. Um dos exemplos foi, uma menina X enviou uma foto de biquíni e perguntou assim, você acha que minha bunda cresceu? E ele respondeu eu teria que ver de perto para confirmar. E nessa conversa também o amigo dele me chamava de pussy, termo este que tive que procurar no google por que não conhecia e fiquei muito chateada, eu queria terminar o relacionamento,mas conversamos ele me pediu perdão disse que me amava e de alguma forma eu perdoei mas nosso relacionamento nunca mais voltou a ser o mesmo.
Até que no sábado meu namorado estava doente e a mãe dele também, então fui passar o final de semana na casa deles para ajudar, limpei a casa, fiz comida, cuidei dos dois. Os remédios que ele estava tomando davam sono, mas ele me pediu para esperar a chefe dele mandar mensagem pedindo foto do atestado e que eu enviasse, pois, ele precisava dormir, eu disse tudo bem.E ao abrir o Whatsapp eu vi que tinha mensagem do amigo da situação anterior, dizendo assim: "Ah já confirmei que a meninax e meninay irão no rolê da sexta, agora to te mandando foto da milf e da meninaz para confirmar com qual delas você vai ficar"
Eu fiquei muito chateada e confesso que entrei no grupo deles para ler todo contexto da conversa e basicamente era esse amigo oferecendo várias garotas e meu namorado até chegou a falar que namorava e era fiel e não faria isso,mas ele continuou insistindo e disse ah não tem problema ela não vai saber de nada, você tá falando que n quer pq ela ta do seu lado? E ai a conversa não tinha continuação, até a mensagem que eu vi.
E sinceramente, não sei o que pensar sobre isso,eu to me sentindo tão insegura, magoada e confusa. Conversei com outras pessoas e elas me disseram que se o amigo dele tem essa intimidade de oferecer que ele fique com outras meninas é por que teoricamente o meu namorado teria dado essa liberdade, eu não sei o que pensar sobre isso. Eu não mexo no celular dele,não fico procurando as coisas nas redes sociais mas todas as vezes que vi encontrei algo e eu to confusa sobre tudo isso agora.
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2021.12.01 12:29 EdgyPlum So... there are others like me!

Good Morning (at least here) everyone! I (37M) had no idea this place was a thing, but I saw a lovely article on the BBC the mentioned "internet groups centered on Estrangment" and immediately I realized reddit.
I'm honestly just sharing my story, have completely cut out my Father for 2 years now. I'm sure my story is common, but I'm gonna lay it out as best I can just because I have no one to share with in person that reached the same conclusion I did.
History- Some short flashes of memory, mainly around either playing a game with Dad, him getting yelled at for not helping out around the house, the one time he accidently gave my sister stitches (she got lippy, he cuffed her on the back of the head, head went into wood entertainment center (not ok, will be touched on later) then me in the tub calling out to my parents to stop fighting). Then, as it should have been, divorce. I'm maybe 7 or 8 years old.
For a few months, we (my sister and I) visit him on the weekends. His house (appartment) is always messy, and we usually eat leftovers. There's never too much to do, so we watch TV alot (MST3K frequently). When we do go out with Dad, I hear "you look just like him" and "you guys could be twins". He doesn't have a car so we walk. I remember cigarette butts and beer cans everywhere, and Old Spice.
By the time I'm in 6th grade, I'm trouble and we rarely see Dad. I'm frequently acting out, getting expelled, grades are slipping hard. I have a lot of anger and I really don't know how to process it. I get a huge ego, and I start pushing everyones buttons. I am fiercely loyal to my friends, and only got in fights when they were being mistreated, or someone was getting bullied. I was oddly well-liked, my Dad always had been too.
To steal a line from Kill Bill, (which is CLEARLY remembered because of trauma") "Like most men who never knew their father, Bill collected father figures", that line was true. From mentor teachers, to counsilors, to other dads, to leaders in Civil Air Patrol... I had a rotating door of "I should be like this guy". I never talked to Dad, he never called, and he had moved 1000 miles away. Now when people around town heard my name, they said "oh I know your Dad, he's the drunk out at X bar" or, man your Dad is lots of laughs till he drinks to much" or "You didn't know he was a drunk? He was the town drunk". So now I'm ashamed, and my name carries it with me.
I level out, get a good job, find a good woman and get married. We invite Dad, because he's my Dad. Got to. We talk once a year maybe. We start catching up after the invite. Weekly calls, he apologizes for being a shit Dad, he's been sober for years and has remarried. Can't wait to meet my soon-to-be wife.
He calls the day of the wedding "I can't make it, too much snow". I'm crushed. I don't even remember what he said after that, but I'm hurt.
1.5 years later, find out my wife is having a very thorough affair. During that I call Dad, because I need some fucking help. We talk, he encourages, then after a few weeks of support, the calls stop and they aren't returned.
I find an amazing woman, we get close, marriage again! She convinces me to invite him, and this time he shows up (2010). He meets our son (I adopted hers, he's very sweet and is now "ours" ❤) and we talk some. He apologizes more and I get a glimmer of hope of maybe having a father. Since 2010, it becomes routine. Every 2 years or so he calls me outta the blue, apologizing, talks about fixing things, then stops calling. We have another son in 2013 and Dad can't make it. 6 years later, we are having another child and we aren't finding out what it is until the day. I don't bother telling my Dad, but my wife sends him an email and he contacts me. I call him every month to tell him about dates, and times, and every call is "can't wait to be there and meet your son and this new baby".
3 days before the day I call him. "When are you going to be here so we can make plans" "... I don't think I can make it, see I've got this new job building a web page for this company..." I hang up and haven't contacted or talked since. He's out of my Facebook, phone calls, emails, everything. And I have no intention of changing this arrangement ever.
Years of getting my hopes up, anxiety, fear, then disappointment. Cutting my losses was hard, even a shit Dad is still a parent and I craved approval from a father my whole life. I still sometimes feel shitty about it... like I should "forgive", or be "the better person"... but then I think "F him, I did more than my fair share, I'd rather spend that energy on my family than trying to catch a ghost".
There's other little bits I left out, this post is stupid long enough. It feels good just to put it out there. Hope everyone has a fantastic day, and stick to your guns as long as it's right for you :)
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