She is hot.

2022.01.27 19:47 Movie_Advance_101 She is hot.

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2022.01.27 19:47 Russandol Beau is in boxes!

Lazy boy Beau is in boxes. Completely ungifted. Comment if you want to save the lazy deer from the void. It's okay if you need an hour to get a plot. :)
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2022.01.27 19:47 SpanishBlueprints Videos of Me Speaking In My Foreign Language With Different Accents

My accent sounds very different hear than normally because I want it to be neutral but usually I talk with Dominicans so it changes when I am with them. Of course, when not formally/video type videos, my accent goes a little more crazier.
Aquí, tengo un pedazo que mis habilidades. Espero que lo disfruten y déjame sabe como me sueno
Neutral accent that is more like a newscaster more than anything
Videos Where I have more of an accent and is the normal for me
I think they sound a little bit different. What about you?
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2022.01.27 19:47 MrMcThunderstick How is Malik Willis considered a poor prospect when Trey Lance had a similar profile and went top 5 last year?

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2022.01.27 19:47 Lizardreview- Ukraine is saved bois

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2022.01.27 19:47 Silversurfer300 Relative to inflation, US home price appreciation has never been faster in history…

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2022.01.27 19:47 jrutd What’s it like being ambidextrous?

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2022.01.27 19:47 chillyhavoc I'm trying to grow a table salt crystal at home [3996x2248]

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2022.01.27 19:47 TheEscortGamer PC boot looping with 12900K, Z690 Apex, C36 6000 ram! tried what feels like EVERYTHING :(

Hi guys, around late December I built my rig and everything seemed ok, until later that night the PC fully shut down, I instantly thought BIOS update which I did and it worked fine again for a couple days but during that it would randomly restart. Until it just began boot looping 24/7, but sometimes it will still post into windows but that time can vary from 1 minutes to over an hour or 2. I tried the typical first, clearing cmos, and swapping ram around in different slots but no luck.
Thing's I've tried: - Clearing CMOS - 4 different known working PSU's - 3 different coolers (incase of tension) - I bought a cheap G6900 as a test CPU, still does the same - Sent original ram back at the time I had XPG Lancer 5200 when the issues began and now just got Trident Z5 and the issue is still there - Building bare bones outside the case just in case of any short circuits - I sent the motherboard back for RMA and they said its fine after 2 hours of OCCT and 1 hour IDLE, weirdly if I leave the PC boot loop it will eventually boot into Windows and soon as it did I got lucky enough to run OCCT for 2 hours and also got no errors before the PC shortly crashed about 10 minutes after the test! Also ran 2 memtests and was lucky they made it through the test and both passed! - I tried swapping out SSD's and trying to boot PC without a drive but will still boot loop! - Even tried little things like a new CMOS battery, changing power cables, trying to power it in another room etc. As I am typing this my old stuff (10700K, Z490 and 16GB) are in the build so only things that have been swapped are CPU, RAM and MOBO. I legit dont know what else I can do!! Motherboard is going back again as that is the ONLY part that hasn't been replaced at this point!
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2022.01.27 19:47 majorlix 💸💵💲Fizz $25 CAD Referral Program. Referral Code 21FKC💲💵💸

💸💵💲Fizz $25 CAD Referral Program. Referral Code 21FKC💲💵💸
Open a Fizz account using this referral code 21FKC and we each get $25
Proof of $25 offer:
How it works:
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2022.01.27 19:47 deltafoxtrot8 Applying for an MSc but got serious writer's block

Coming to the end of my 4 year BSc pharmacology course. I am DYING to get a place on my university's MSc course, I've been told by my lecturers that there's a lot of places and I have a good chance of getting in.
However, I CANNOT for the life of me write a personal statement. I have so many ideas for it but each time I go to write them down I get anxious that it's not good enough and I just can't get anything out.
I have so much riding on this as I'm so desperate to be able to stay on at my university and learn more, the staff here are excellent.
Do any of you have experience applying for MScs and if so, do yu have any advice??
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2022.01.27 19:47 1994DallasCowboysFan Which one of you is this?

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2022.01.27 19:47 toastybananaa Trading for a FR Owl!

My offer is a NFR Arctic Reindeer, a Fr Full grown normal reindeer, and a NR Wolf!
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2022.01.27 19:47 melancholyoctopus8 Asked a girl out for the first time (23m) Don't know if a win or not?

I guess I just need a place to write as my mind is buzzing right now.
My social skills have always been shockingly poor and so has my perception of women. I found porn really young and I guess got addicted. Along with being bullied at school with multiple comments about my appearance. That probably creates a me; a walking pile of insecurities.
In my late teens I could barely talk to women and kinda saw them as 'objects to fuck' inside of people. I also thought everyone was judging me for any action I did. As a result I became reserved and bland so there was literally nothing to call me out on, nothing to make me stand out. I also started going down a bit of an incel route becoming resentful of most people, especially other girls I was around. Also around this time I hated myself the most and was suicidal.
I did notice this and didn't like what I was becoming. I saw a fresh start as I was off to university. I tried to socialise as much as possible always just bring friendly and nice. That works temporarily but it felt ingenuine and I think people kinda knew I felt a bit off. Over the 4 years I kept at it slowly getting better I found you can still be nice but to you need the banter, a bit of roasting now and then. I felt much more comfortable and more genuine. I started working on myself, physically and mentally. Trying not to care what people thought and being more out going. But one thing that still remained was my insecurities around girls. I could make friends easily enough hand hold conversations which were great, but anything more than that is a hard no.
I'm so concerned not to be a creep or to be inoffensive that I am just bland again. And it is something I do want to work on but don't really know how.
After uni I moved to a new city for work and I'm in a house share with a couple of people, one of which is another girl that is also a recent graduate. I go into this situation like I approach all situations now, just relaxed and with the thinking 'what ever happens, happens' as in don't force anything (personally wise). Over the next few weeks we're talking and getting on quite well, I don't see her as an object and I really like her company and being around here. We've spent a weekend exploring the new city and another weekend going to a museum as friends, even watched a few movies together in the house.
I rarely feel this way about anyone this is probably the third girl I've liked in this way. The first two I was too afraid to say anything and ruin the friendship, of course I leave it too long and they end up getting boyfriends, but that's cool and does help reduce my feelings for them. This new girl I've known for about a month now and I don't want the same thing to happen again and be filled with regret. I spent nearly 2 weeks working up the courage and trying to pick a good time. Tonight after dinner I asked if she enjoyed the time we spent at the museum together, she replied she did. So kinda stammering a bit I asked if you wanted to do the same this weekend with as a date, maybe get some lunch as well. She looked a bit surprised and said 'we'll see'. I said cool have a good night then to which she said the same and now you're caught up to the present.
I mean it's not looking promising and that's ok I'm glad I did it because it was eating away at me that I hadn't, just like the times before. There's no resentment which is nice, I hope we can still be friends and it isn't too awkward.
That's pretty much it I just wanted to get my thoughts our there tbh. I'm still very much a WIP still occasionally have bouts of depression but not longer see women as objects. Just wanted to share, thanks :)
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2022.01.27 19:47 masoher The Seven Nations: Governments

The Seven Nations: Governments What are the Seven Nations' type of government? Today, to the best of my abilities, I will be discussing what kind of government each of the released nations are, and the potential government types of the unreleased nations. Italiced are assumptions.
Before I start, let's get this out of the way: TEYVAT AS A CONTINENT IS THEOCRATIC, with Celestia governing the base laws of Teyvat. You can say that Teyvat is the landmass of Celestia's empire. To compare with our world, Celestia = Holy Roman Empire, the crusades = Archon War, the Archons = king/royalty who pay homage and take power from the head of the empire (Celestia).
Interestingly, Mondstadt the gate to Celestia has the closest government system to Celestia, as its system is reminescent of today's Vatican. The head of the state is the Knights of Favonius, but rather than fronting their military, they front the Church of Favonius, evidence of the Church being at the highest point of Mondstadt, putting religion as the forefront of the nation.
The highest position in Mondstadt is the Grand Master of the Knights of Favonius. It is a singular position which holds unquestionable power. It is not a hereditary position, and with the spirit of Barbato's freedom, is most probably acquired by election within the KoF.
It would be safe to say that their election system is similar to Vatican's current system of electing a pope, but instead of a pope, the KoF elect the Grandmaster. The possible prerequisites to be the Grand Master is to be a captain of the KoF.
As we see with Jean, the Acting Grand Master has a lot of responsibilities and reports to do. There are a lot of shuffling papers and there are lots of approvals on different levels, though for some reason, cat finding is still Jean's work, why can't it be given to Huffman. The Grand Master does not hold absolute power, as the Captains and the Seneschal (Churh of Favonious' pope) are counsels to the Grand Master regarding policies and enforcement.
On Elective Monarchy. It is elective because the Grandmaster is elected from the current line up of captains. It is monarchy because while the Grand Master is the head of state, the ability to make and pass legislation resides with the counsel of the Captains and the Seneschal. 
Note: Before the establishment of the KoF, Mondstadt was an Aristocracy, with the four houses, Gunnhildr Clan, Lawrence Clan, Ragnvindr Family, and Imunlaukr Clan, basically ruling. it is highly speculated that Varka is an Imunlaukr.
Needless to say, the head of the Liyue's state is the Qixing. It is a committee made up of seven merchants and business leaders. Basically, the best and the richest businessmen of Liyue, regardless of origin and bloodline. The prerequisite to even be considered a member of the Qixing is net worth and trade expertise.
The Qixing creates the laws and economic direction of Liyue. If the KoF fronts religion, then the Qixing fronts economy. The Qixing is the unchallenged entity of Liyue. It holds the sovereign powers of policy making and military which is a part of the inherent right of a state: self defense.
On Capitalist Oligarchy. It is capitalist because there is no evidence of the Qixing owning enterprises, but rather, prioritizes the businesses of the locals. Capitalism is an economic system in which private individuals or businesses own capital goods. The Qixing having members specializing within the commerce and trade sectors means they value the promotion of the private sector. It is an oligarchy because it is the rule of the few. The total of Liyue's political power is held by the Qixing. 
Yes, and don't kill me for this.
Anyway. The Sakoku Decree is inspired by the Sakoku Edict, which closed the doors of Japan to foreign nations during the 1600s. There's not much to say since the system of the Shogunate, both in our world and in Inazuma, is a military dictatorship.
The Tri Commissions exists to support the shogunate, but the Shogun's executive arm is the Tenryou Commission, who manages the security (internal/local police) and military (external/military) affairs of Inazuma. Sourcing our world's definitions, when the term executive is used in relation to the government, it refers to the branch of government that carries out and enforces laws. A country's president is the head of the executive branch.
Meaning, the Shogunate's focus is security and military.
On Military Dictatorship. It is military because the focus of the executive arm of the Shogun is military prowess. The policies of the state ar enforced with military rule. It is a dictatorship because the power of the legitimate government, held by the Shogun, is unchallenged and absolute. Any minute refusal to subject to the power of the head of the state is considered an insurgence and a threat to the safety and security of the state. 
Even if the religion is a big part of Inazuma, it is not the focus of the Shogun.
We can consider Watatsumi as an autonomous region. An autonomous region is an area of a country that has a degree of autonomy, or has freedom from an external authority. Fun fact, Watatsumi would be alluding to Okinawa. Even today, people of Okinawa don't consider themselves as Japanese because of history.
The head of Watatsumi is the Sangonomiya family, and the title of Divine Priestess is passed down through heredity. As we can see with how detailed Kokomi is with how affairs should be handled, and how strictly by the book her constituents handles said affairs, she has absolute authority and no legal limitations on her power to govern Watatsumi.
On Theocratic Absolute Monarchy. It is theocratic because the main responsibility of the Divine Priestess is to preserve the will of their god Orobashi. The people of Watatsumi strong believe that to honour this will is to not subject themselves to the rule of the Shogun's military dictatorship, hence, the Resistance. It is an absolute monarchy because Kokomi inherited her title, along with the absolute power to govern her people. 
Upcoming Nations
The following are fun headcanons on what kinds of government the four remaining nations would have:
  • Sumeru
  • Geniocratic Oligarchy
    • Rule of a select few of the smartest
  • Technocratic Oligarchy
    • Rule of a select few of the best technical experts
  • Natlan
    • Elective Kraterocracy
      • Rule of the strongest, by virtue of the choosing body
    • Stratocracy
      • Rule of the military, and many of its citizens as the part of the army
  • Fontaine
    • Democratic Republican
      • Rule of the mass elected representatives
    • Constitutional Kritarchy
      • Rule of judges, as upheld by the written law
  • Scheznaya is if USA, China, and Russia were a single country lmao
    • Socialist Totalitarian Stratocracy
      • Rule of a single military party, providing state owned services to the people
    • Financial and/or military collateralization
      • Not a government, but a strategy to gain influence in other nations
♥ THANK YOU FOR READING THIS FAR! ♥ I actually made this because someone was insisting the Liyue is a military state and Inazuma was not. 
My other theory post regaring Kaeya and Diluc
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2022.01.27 19:47 KazuTheVulpine So, my maelstrom headgear didn't disappear

The timer on it was reset
GG I guess?
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2022.01.27 19:47 PuddlegumBlog Favorite reverbs?

What are your favorite reverbs, and how do you achieve them? Outboard unit? Plugin? Presets? How do you mix it in?
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2022.01.27 19:47 SilentAtAll Ignition Coil Issue with 2001 Nissan Pathfinder

Hey! I am definitely not mechanically inclined, but need some advice..
I took my car to the shop for a check engine light. The mechanics have told me it is an ignition coil issue, and that the Pathfinder has 6 ignition coils. For some reason the error code doesn't indicate which ignition coil has issues.
My question - is it okay to drive my car (its a backup vehicle)? Or do I need to have the mechanic do extra labor to check all 6 ignition coils and replace the faulty one (or multiple)?
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2022.01.27 19:47 highwayhypodermic I am new to woodworking. But I recently finished this breakfast bar for my wife. I’m really proud of how it turned out! It’s walnut with epoxy and coffee beans to create a “river of coffee” let me know what you think!

I am new to woodworking. But I recently finished this breakfast bar for my wife. I’m really proud of how it turned out! It’s walnut with epoxy and coffee beans to create a “river of coffee” let me know what you think! submitted by highwayhypodermic to woodworking [link] [comments]

2022.01.27 19:47 Goddess_Julia I want to own you [domme][vid][sext][text][c2c][rate][gfe][custom][oth].

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2022.01.27 19:47 CoolHair2954 Let me put these in your face

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2022.01.27 19:47 Giantsgiants Was browsing a GTA Online forum and someone posted this in a Rate The Car Above You thread

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2022.01.27 19:47 KickOpenTheDoorBot The Demon Beastmaster will laugh while his hounds tear you apart [Health:2555]

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2022.01.27 19:47 anthonymakey Need a new phone before may

I use a Google pixel 3a for now. It is scheduled to stop receiving security updates in May. So I guess, I need a new phone.
I kind of like the pixel line, and bonus if it's one that keeps the free unlimited photo uploads.
I love the pure android of the pixel line, so something as close as possible would be good.
No Samsungs. I had a Galaxy a50 for a few months and I hated the Samsung skin and bloatware. I don't really prefer the cheaper moto phones, because they just don't feel premium.
I really like the Google assistant, and I would like a phone where I can use it without too much fuss.
A good camera is needed. I'm a photographer. I like a backup phone camera
A 5G phone would be good.
Wireless charging would be cool, but it's not required.
I like small screens. The 5 inch screen I have now is ok.
My budget is $200 US for a used phone. I would ideally like to keep the phone for 2-3 years (security update wise)
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2022.01.27 19:47 termlogitech Bloddewed

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