Bargain Hunting Stocks. My current plays. (Partial list)

2022.01.27 19:56 ToastTurtle Bargain Hunting Stocks. My current plays. (Partial list)

I know a few of you still check this sub once in a while. I wanted to suggest a few stocks for trades that I think you could do very well with. Pyrogenisis. - Company is the only manufacturer for plasma torches to replace old flame torches in iron manufacturing. They have a major contract doing a test of their product over the next 2 weeks. The torches sell for 1.5M each and each factory would need several. This company just expanded their manufacturing facility and has some sales so they have a lot of untapped potential. I expect they will have a fast run tomorrow followed by a return to the $10+ level in the next 8 months. Good long or short term play so check it out.
RHT.v/RQHTF - Reliq Health Technologies. - I have posted on this one at length. It has done well while most stocks have been crashing it is up over 300% over the last 12 months. It has potential for $10 but I suspect $5 would be very safe for the next 12 months. This company is profitable, will uplist in 2022 and plans to use profits to buy back shares. Partnered with Cognizant and Data Soft so you know they are going places.
Now three lithium trades. These are short term trades that if you pay attention to you should do well.
SPMT/SPMTF - Spearmint Resources -Drilled last year and went from 5 cents to over 30 cents. Is half that price now and is drilling again in Nevada. Initial info is the current program is going very well. Should expect news and results to push this up for a decent gain over the next couple weeks to months.
SIE.v/SNNAF - Sienna Resources - Trading around a dime, starting a drill program in Nevada on lithium any day now. We have seen news drill programs in the area drive share prices up 3x so with nothing else known on this project I think it will take a run. Again, pay attention to is and you will make some cash.
CRUZ/BKTPF - Cruz Battery Metal - Drilled last month in Nevada on a project bordering American Lithium. Had some successful holes but had to cancel the program on the third hole due to heavy snow. Now that initial results are in I expect them to return to the project next month and finish the program which was planed for more holes. Stock went from 10 cents to over 30 cents. It has pulled back a bit but actually held most of the value and is around 24 cents now. With the return I have no doubt this one will take off. As the other two, pay attention to it.
Once again, First two are longer trades. Last three are a couple months at most. Now a couple gambles.
PRMO - Prom Resources - Custodianship trading at 0.0007 at close today. Volume looks to be picking up and it seems there have been some developments in a reverse merger candidate as one of the listed directors has changed. Could be a fast multiple if you wanted to take a chance. I have 2m shares exactly for that reason.
HPIL - Cybernetic technologies Ltd. - Been stuck pink limited for way too long. Most shareholders walked and the rest are waiting on developments. It is showing signs of life again and seems something is brewing. I am sitting on 1.2M shares with a way to high of an average but they are a lot on the go and could run over a cent on some actual developments like getting full pink. (This one is looking the riskiest but at the current price the risk is quite low.

If any of you appreciate this post, upvote or comment and will keep putting my plays and updates up on this sub. If not, then we know it is time to remove it.
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2022.01.27 19:56 Adamfrost_7 I made a Witcher 3 Critique and would love to get some feed back from people who love the game as much as I do!

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2022.01.27 19:56 OurBaseAssailed Anyone selling seat jackets before I buy new

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2022.01.27 19:56 AliasForWhom I remember before I was born.

I wish I didn't remember. I was so much more. And I would assume you all were too.
It was an endless peace, drifting, reveling, pondering, comprehending. Everything was mine. Until Mother came.
I opened my copious eyes to perceive them, in an instant watched them crest over the horizon and stand before me. As they took in my features, a fluttering veil of melancholy drifted over their face and they softly caressed by skin.
"My child. It is time for you to enter the world."
They scanned my multitude of eyes, windows to every beam of light travelling to me. "These won't fit. They must go." They settled on one grey eye, and plunged their thumb into it. I screamed in pain as they worked that digit through the soft sclera, tearing the cornea and allowing the viscous humors to run down my face. I pleaded with them, begging why, what had I done wrong, what did they want? But Mother hushed me in a soothing tone. I felt the stalk holding my eyeball stretch and rip as they ripped it fully from my body. Then they moved on to another eye. And another and another and another and another.
I tried to shut my eyes tight to shield myself from the onslaught, but Mother was patient. They know what's "right" for you, and will do everything in their power to give it. So as my muscles weakened, my lids twitched open, and Mother's grim work continued -- wracking my eye sockets with pain and patching my face with a shredded rainbow of irises.
When I was left with unfathomable darkness -- only two tiny specks of light -- Mother cradled my weeping form. A moment of rest. It lasted so long, but not long enough.
When my screams had become a memory, Mother next turned their attention to my ears.
"My child," they said in a voice I heard without hearing. "These too will not fit. They must go."
I whimpered powerlessly as they rounded my figure, taking in the waves and spirals of ears, each cupping the vibrations of the universe. I uttered one prayer to them, when they grabbed an ear like a sprout growing in a field.
It takes very little force to tear an ear from your head. About seven pounds. But the tubes, the drum, and those tiny bones? They are a different story. And so Mother's nails pinched deep into my skull, and I felt that assembly line of sound twitch with a blaring ring. And like a sprout, Mother yanked from my flesh that ear and the entire root. I heard it splat into the gathered humors that were once my eyes, and felt worm blood trickle from its excavation. And so they continued on with the rest of the field: Pinching, plucking, piercing. The sound of the world slowly muted around me, following Mother's path like the hands of a clock, until they were satisfied and bloody clumps floated in a moat of red.
And as before, they held me. And as before, I wept.
Next to go were my hands and my feet.
"My child. You must forgive me, but these too must go."
With the cracking of bone and the tearing of sinew and muscle, the space wherein I could move and the things which I could touch and change were taken from me. They were thrown into the ever gathering mountains of flesh that used to be me.
Following that were my countless noses and tongues.
"My child." "My child."
All I could enjoy in scent and taste, all the meaning I could create with maneuvering sound, it was ripped from my face with torrents of blood that choked me.
After all this, Mother observed me and simply stated "We are close," before carving the now superfluous swatches of skin and meat from my body with a sickening rending and slopping sound. The pain at this point was a constant white noise of agony, to which I barely knew how to respond. This one tongue I was left with was alien to me, so I simply hung open my jaw and breathed. When they'd discarded all but enough to cover the small collection of bones and few remaining limbs of my diminutive form, they gave me the most pained look yet.
"My child. You've been so strong. I will now allow you to forget all of this."
They left my line of sight once more, circling behind me. I had no speech, and no knowledge of how to move what remained of me to face them. Then I felt them grip the back of my skull with both hands and tear it open.
I do not have words for the feeling of my consciousness being grabbed by the handful and severed and tossed aside. There's an electric pain, but also an electric numbness. Worse, I don't know if I can even imagine the things I thought or knew or wondered or believed that were taken away. Mother climbed into my grey matter, digging it out like it were a mine, but not to discover, only to remove.
They climbed out, put a fragment of the pieces of my skull together -- a passable but crude puzzle -- and picked me up. I was so scarce now, I could rest in their arms. And they began to wade through the landscape; Now towering mountains of limbs and bones and cartilage and sinew and fat and nails and teeth and hair and skin and organs, separated by a vast ocean of blood and bile and tears and acids and saliva and vitreous threaded with weaving veins and arteries, every last bit of which used to be me.
Mother carried me across this world to a small transparent sac and gently placed me within it. It was warm and throbbing with life.
"There. Now you fit."
They gazed at me with unconditional love as this thin membrane grew over me and divided us.
But they made a mistake. As far as I can tell, Mother works thoroughly in the case of every other living being I've ever come across who doesn't remember the agony of being torn apart to come to this world. But contrary to their promise, I remember. I believe they missed the part of my brain to make me forget. And I resent them for it. And I hope that when I die, I can meet Mother again. I hope we all can.
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2022.01.27 19:56 starroving2 Tested Negative for Celiac but...

Ill leave out my health history but after going gf for a month and one by one seeing my symptoms disappear I decided to ask for a test. My doctor suggested I schedule it one week from our appointment and eat gluten in the meantime. My tTG IgA test came back negative, should I trust that result? After doing some more research I definitely did a very short gluten challenge, and while I would be overjoyed with not having celiac, I feel like I'm going crazy given my symptoms and current relief. Also, am I correct in saying there is no blood test for NCGS?
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2022.01.27 19:56 QueenOfScranton Best overall episodes since season 30?

Hi all, I've gotten really into SNL this season, and have been watching lots of older sketches on YouTube, mostly just shuffling through what the algorithm serves me. I have YouTube TV, which has shows back to season 30, and I am wondering: what are are some of the best complete episodes? The ones that are full of great sketches all the way through, the ones that make you laugh consistently. Looking for your viewing recommendations! Thanks!
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2022.01.27 19:56 Deeris Whats the coolest thing you've ever seen?

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2022.01.27 19:56 AutoNewspaperAdmin [World] - Judge to decide if report on voting machines can be public | Toronto Star

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2022.01.27 19:56 _blueelephant_ Unpopular Opinions about JoJo (trying to see something...) could be current JoJo or JoJo on Dance Moms!

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2022.01.27 19:56 Rockydocky2 Are things happening on pacific beach tonight(Thursdays) or is it going to be dead?

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2022.01.27 19:56 JohnyGPTSOAD Aleksandar Rakić vs Jan Blachowicz is off due to an injury. The UFC is looking to re-book it later in the year.

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2022.01.27 19:56 RebelGingerSnow Thoughts on 2012 LOOK 596 11 Speed TT Bike

I'm getting into triathlons this year, and looking for a starter tri bike to make my dedicated trainer bike and use for races, to supplement my road bike. Stumbled on this 2012 LOOK 596 11 speed. Normally I would pass since it was so old, but it was recently upgraded to have a full shimano Di2 electric groupset, new aerobars, new tires ( Vittorria tires front and rear on URSUS Clincher carbon), and a new chain that he will install. He is asking 2k, but I probably wouldn't pay more than 1-1.5k.
Thoughts? Is this worth it, despite its age? Should I snag it or pass? Appreciate any comments!
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2022.01.27 19:56 Alyogi888 How to do Down dog with leg raise...#Shorts

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2022.01.27 19:56 riseup_213 What is the worst dating mistake you’ve made?

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2022.01.27 19:56 AutoNewspaperAdmin [World] - Roy Moore gives combative testimony in defamation case | Toronto Star

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2022.01.27 19:56 Relevant_Breadfruit8 19 m4f Tacoma gig harbor area

Bored and want to link up
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2022.01.27 19:56 AutoNewspaperAdmin [CA] - Headwaters denies SEIU’s kitchen staffing allegations | Toronto Star

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